Gold standard for utility performance

Charitable activity

Support of disadvantaged

Important element of our social engagement is to support people in need, and those in disadvantaged financial straits. In 2002 the Budapest Waterworks among the firsts decided, that instead of the usual year-end business gifts they will spend this amount for charitable purposes. Ever since traditionally those organizations which embracing large families and people in need, are benefiting from this donation before Christmas.


A main highlight of the Budapest Waterworks strategy is to help and provide assistance in areas left without healthy drinking water after disaster situations. Over the last few decades in many disaster areas people both here at home, and abroad were be able to get healthy drinking water thanks to our Company’s experts, thus our professionals participated in similar missions after the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the flood in Southern-Moldova, Transylvania and Miskolc. In 2013 following the destruction caused by the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines, and after the devastating flood in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 they provided assistance in the temporarily water supply and in the assessment and restoration of the damaged water network.

Our most important missions

  • Hungary, Bodrogköz 1998
  • Hungary, Heves county 1999
  • Hungary, Szolnok, 2000
  • Hungary, Bereg 2001
  • Hungary, Duna 2002
  • Hungary, Érd, Visegrád
  • Hungary, Hernád Valley, Esztergom 2004
  • Sri Lanka, Kananke, 2005
  • Hungary, Mátra, 2005
  • Romania, Temes county, 2005
  • Romania, Southern-Moldova, 2005
  • Hungary, Budapest, 2006
  • Hungary, Miskolc, 2006
  • Hungary, Bükkszék, Sirok, 2006
  • Hungary, Budapest, 2007
  • Hungary, Budapest, 2009
  • Philippines, Guiaun, 2013
  • Serbia, Obrenovac, 2014
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014