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Technology in the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (BKSZTT)

Wastewater treatment technology in BKSZTT

The following pages provide information on wastewater treatment technology.

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General description

Hourly loads of certain cleaning stages are the following:

Mechanically pre-treated peak volume (fine grids and sand traps): 37,500 m3/h, 900,000 m3/d.
Peak volume treated in the pre-settler: 26,250 m3/h, 630,000 m3/d.
Peak period volume treated in the biological purification unit: 21,875 m3/h, 525,000 m3/d.

Volumes between 37,500 m3/h and 26,250 m3/h reach the Danube only after mechanical pre-treatment, while volumes between 26,250 m3/h and 21,875 m3/h reach the Danube only after pre-treatment.


Main technology steps:

  • fine grids,
  • sand and fat traps with lamellar pre-settlers in one structure (SEDIPAC 3D),
  • cleaning with active sludge, connected with post-settlers and disinfection basins,
  • separated sludge thickening: gravity concentrators for the raw sludge and belt filters for the excess sludge,
  • sludge pasteurization and thermophilic sludge digestion,
  • extraction of the biogas’ energy content,
  • sludge dewatering using a centrifuge and sludge storage in silos.
Technology in the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (BKSZTT)

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