About our Company

Duna-Kút Water Public Utility Construction and Service Llc. is the successor of the well construction team of the Waterworks of Budapest Private Company Limited by Shares, which has been outsourced in 1990 under the name of SCHKIBT General Contractor Ltd. between 1990 and 2003and under the name of SCHKI-BAU Llc. between 2003 and 2007. 

In September 2006 the Waterworks of BudapestLtd. purchased 51% of the shares of our Company and therefore in August 2007 our Supervisory Board decided on the change of our name.


Co-workers of Duna-Kút Llc.

  • Zoltán Bíró, manager
  • Gyula Csóka, technical director
  • Sándor Sarkadi R., construction manager
  • Lajos Tóth, site manager
  • Gábor Szőlősi, site manager
  • Elemér Ilyés, site manager 


Scope of activities of our firm

General and special underground construction works:

  • construction, reconstruction and cleaning of shaft wells, horizontal wells and drilled wells
  • cleaning, external and internal repair of large-diameter gravitational potable water and waste water channels
  • construction of potable water and waste water pump houses
  • internal reconstruction and coating of potable water reservoirs; insulation against precipitation water
  • architectural, electronic and machinery reconstruction of pump stations