Our services

General and special underground construction works:

  • construction, reconstruction and cleaning of shaft wells, horizontal wells and drilled wells,
  • cleaning, external and internal repair of large-diameter gravitational potable water and waste water channels,
  • construction of potable water and waste water pump houses,
  • internal reconstruction and coating of potable water reservoirs,; insulation against precipitation water,
  • architectural, electronic and machinery reconstruction of pump stations.

Duna-Kút Llc. performs underground construction as well as machinery and technological erection/assembly works with its own employees. Architectural, electronic and control technology tasks are performed by Duna-Kút Llc. as a main contractor with the involvement of partners and subcontractors.

The staff of Duna-Kút Llc. is made up of experts who are able to control and perform the activities listed above. The current headcount is 25. 

Our customers are water and waste water public utility service providers, local governments and underground construction companies. 

In order to ensure continuously high quality work, quality assurance systems were implemented in correspondence with ISO 9001:2001 standard in 2005, and with ISO 9001:2009 and  ISO 14001:2005 standards in 2012. 

We perform our work in precise compliance with customers’ demands, by short deadlines and at the best quality.


Water production with the utilisation of bank filtration


Publication on the horizontal well construction works

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