Gold standard for utility performance

Cooperation based on international organizational frameworks between the water provider of Budapest and Subotica 27 June 2016

The goal is to improve service quality

Two world organization, the UN-Habitat and the GWOPA created an international program the aim of which on one hand is to improve the living conditions of those living in cities, and on the other hand is to increase the public service activity level of the water utility providers.

Budapest Waterworks and Subotica Waterworks concluded a cooperation agreement connected to this program in order to promote and support service activities of Subotica Waterworks. During the work together Budapest Waterworks will help in the Subotica region to make water utility services safer and increase their service to a higher level with technical support and by helping in the preparation of a coordinated program. The cooperation is targeting a wider coverage, better and higher quality, ultimately it serves to boost the performance of Subotica Waterworks.

Colleagues in Subotica are primarily expecting professional help from the Budapest Waterworks to improve the operational efficiency of water and wastewater utilities, service coverage extension, help to develop a GIS system, develop a water and wastewater management model and in the development of an electronic document management and archiving system. Beyond this the professionals from Budapest also share their experience gained in the field of modern work organization, workflow supervision and reconsideration, development of intervention action plans for unexpected situations, development of water loss analysis systems. 

As the first step of their cooperation on June 23 and 24 in Budapest a professional group of twenty people from Subotica Waterworks came to get to know better the activities of Budapest Waterworks and they also had an opportunity to meet with those professionals in person who are working on the same field. 

Budapest Waterworks, Budapest
Subotica Waterworks, Subotica