Gold standard for utility performance

Hungary, the land of healthy drinking water 12 July 2016

On the 10thof July 2016 a “European Traveller’s Guide to Drinking Water” was published on Daily Mail Online and the CNTraveler website. The article suggests that in certain European countries, including Hungary, tap water is not suitable for human consumption. We would like to emphasise that in Hungary drinking water is healthy, safe and perfectly suitable for human consumption.

Due to Hungary’s favourable geographical conditions and also to the expertise and experience of its water utility professionals and service providers, the drinking water supply in Hungary is not only safe, but in terms of its quality and continuity of supply, it is one of the highest ranked in Europe.

In Hungary there are very strict laws concerning the quality of drinking water that are in full compliance with all EU Directives and regulations and sometimes even set stricter parameters than those required by the European Union. Drinking water suppliers in Hungary carry out their activities based on government regulations under strict and continuous supervision from the authorities; their measurements and results can be traced back for several years.

The Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt. (Budapest Waterworks Corp) has over 100 years of experience in terms of water quality inspection activities. The sampling plan authorised by the Hungarian Public Health Authority requires more than 10,000 water samples to be taken and analysed for more than 200,000 parameters in accredited laboratories (the results are double checked by an external laboratory as well) every year. In addition to the chemical analysis, they also carry out biological and micro-biological tests. In the 150 years of its history, there has been not even one occasion when water supply restrictions had to be introduced due to the quality of the drinking water.

Drinking water has long been of very good quality in Hungary and due to the various drinking water quality improvement projects in the past years, it has become even better. Based on the above, we can conclude that the drinking water is not only suitable for consumption but it is one of the most strictly controlled sources of nutrition in Hungary.