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Horizontal well construction

Budapest’s water supply is based on a 100% bank filtration system with approx. 150 horizontal filtering wells installed on the two banks of the Danube as well as on the islands of the river. It is of great importance for the company to have a well building staff made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are prepared to maintain and reconstruct the existing wells and construct new wells and well systems.

DUNA-KÚT Kft., one of the subsidiaries of Budapest Waterworks, has all the professional and practical knowledge and know-how required to maintain a safe level of water production.

Construction of horizontal filtering wells is based on the same proven methods used to build hundreds of such wells already, yet with several new technical developments. The experts at Budapest Waterworks and DUNA-KÚT Kft. provide the know-how necessary to come up with the needed technological developments, which make the horizontal filtering well a water resource structure suitable for the modern age and ready for implementation under the current market conditions.

To find more information on horizontal well construction please visit the website of DUNA-KÚT Kft. >>

To find more information on horizontal well construction please visit the website of DUNA-KÚT Kft. >>

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Reduction of non-revenue water

The reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) and water loss are strategic tasks for our company and at the same time the grounds of efficient management. The average age of the water pipe network is above 50. However, the rate of non-revenue water has been around 16% for several years. Continuous optimisation of operations as well as the active leakage control team have an important role in that. Among the reasons of NRW, we should highlight technological loss, operational water use, stolen water and trading loss. In order to reduce NRW, beside technical solutions – such as water loss analysis, search for failures and leakages, instrumental metering, setting up modern metering cars, pressure management, creating and maintaining digitalised network maps – it is of crucial importance to have modern customer services, up-to-date customer database and outstanding registry systems.

Designing a water measuring strategy and water balance calculation
A worldwide trend today requires water supply companies to fund their operations from the water tariffs paid by the customers only. In order to make the company successful under such circumstances, it is important to have knowledge of water losses, as it is a vital factor for decision making. A good water measuring strategy and the component thresholds defined in the water balance help in this process. The pipeline water loss analysis is a strongly related topic.
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Introduction of a system of reports, defining performance indicators

A water supply company can only work efficiently if business processes are well-planned. Our Company applies the general principle “What we measure, starts to improve”, and uses the indicator system recommended by the IWA (International Water Association) for this.
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Technological process control (SCADA)

The optimal operation of pumping stations, water treatment plants, and water reservoirs today is unimaginable without the help of a process control system. It is not selecting and procuring the technology to be used that poses a challenge when developing a technological process control system, but the control technology principles themselves. We have twenty years of experience in this field, which allows us to achieve efficient energy consumption.
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Mobile water purification systems

In the case of problems occurring during regular operation, operational failures, water shortages, water base contaminations, floods or extraordinary water shortages caused by tsunamis, the only solution to supply the population with healthy potable water is the quickly and simply installable mobile water purification and water packaging systems. These systems are also suitable to supply camps or smaller settlements not connected to any other network, with drinking water for longer periods of time, even permanently.

Our Company has been developing, manufacturing, and using such systems for several years, the common feature of which is that they can produce and package potable water from live water of any contamination level thanks to the engineering expertise and technology incorporated into them, which knowledge is unique in world comparison as well.
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Guaranteeing water quality according to standards

Considering its quality, treated water pumped into the network by suppliers may not always be drinking water, mainly from microbiological point of view. Based on the natural process of bank filtration, we are able to make proposals on the improvement of water quality. Our long-time experience in well drilling and building helps us find the optimal solution.
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Water quality control

Water quality may be inspected by local authorities, but an attentive operator prevents problems before they occur with the help of quality control. Our accredited laboratories can provide a strong background in the process of efficient water quality control and improvement.
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Waste water drainage and treatment

Nature preservation aspects require the treatment of communal wastewater. With the constant growth of the population, this question cannot be avoided anymore. Utilising our experience from Hungary, we help to solve problem situations, improve wastewater treatment capacities both in quantity and in quality.
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Designing workflow tracking and management systems

Major cost-cutting can be achieved by better work organization, primarily in the area of network processes. Workflow controlled by electronic worksheets seems to mean extra administration, but as a result, processes become controllable and transparent, and network failure statistics also improve.
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Building a geographic information systems (GIS)

Maps used to serve registration purposes only. With the help of digitalization, we are able to offer a solution in the field of geoinformatics for more and more operational processes. To set up a GIS system, we can mainly provide you with our experience in operation.
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Modelling of network reconstruction

Public utility networks present substantial values. Their main feature is that they are operated underground, so it is not easy to collect information directly about their conditions. To assist network reconstructions, we have a planning tool based on fuzzy logics that allows us to help the work of network-planning engineers. The condition survey of the network also belongs to this topic.
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Development of up-to-date customer service systems

A good water supplier puts its customers to the centre of its operation. Careful attention is needed for customer satisfaction though, such as precise billing, effective problem handling and appropriate information supply.
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Implementation of trenchless pipe reconstruction technologies (NO-DIG)

The main feature of the technology is that a pipe of smaller diameter is pulled into the already existing pipeline with minimum subsurface construction works (opening the pavement is not necessary, no long trenches).

This technology is absolutely adjusted to the technical characteristics of the existing conditions and offers a wide range of opportunities for satisfying rehabilitation demands.

Budapest Waterworks refurbished a pipe network of 46,250 m between 2004 and 2012 by applying NO-DIG technology.
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Energy production and recycling in wastewater treatment

With the help of modern technologies, a water treatment plant is capable of producing electric and heat energies in large quantities, thus it can save a significant amount of costs and it can also decrease its ecological footprint significantly. We are able to choose and integrate, tailor-make and optimise a suitable and necessary technology to meet the arising demands. The basic method of the technology is to collect and utilise biogas created during the wastewater treatment process and use it in a cogeneration plant for producing electric and heat energies. Moreover, with the help of turbines, it is possible to utilise the motion energy of the effluent treated wastewater, which also contributes to decreasing the external energy requirements of the plant.
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Professional training courses, programmes

In addition to training provided for the personnel when new operations, networks, units, systems, etc. are set up, Budapest Waterworks develops tailor-made training programmes in accordance with the requirements of our clients. The training conditions at our company (infrastructure, human resources, professional background or professional knowledge) ensure a knowledge that can also be put into practice. Topics of the practical training may be completed with theoretical units delivered by universities, such as the Budapest University of Technical and Economical Sciences or the University of Miskolc.
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