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International references

Our references


In a tender announced by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Budapest Waterworks, as the lead member of a consortium of three companies, has won the opportunity to elaborate the Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (FOPIP) for the Water and Sewage Company of the City of Belgrade. The contract has been signed, the 18-month job was launched on 22 January, 2019.


Following the completed successful technical audit, Budapest Waterworks, in December, 2017, signed another contract with Tirana’s Water and Wastewater Utility Company (UKT) for the elaboration of their mid-term development programme, to ensure that the technical investments necessary in mid-term are implemented by the service provider as efficiently as possible.
The aim of this more than two-year programme is that UKT would be able to supply healthy potable water in 24/7, to reduce the rate of non-revenue water significantly, as well as to improve potable and waste water service coverage.


In line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2015 with the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey, an up-to-date potable water purification container (Containerized Emergency Water Purification Unit (CEWPU)) developed and manufactured by our company has been supplying the Yayladagi refugee camp, accommodating 3,000 people, with potable water since 22 October, 2016. Potable water supply runs in purely automatic operations. After handing over, Budapest Waterworks monitors the system, which smoothly provides several thousand inhabitants of the camp with purified potable water, remotely from Hungary.


Budapest Waterworks with its consortium partner is assigned to perform the technical assessment of the Tirana Water Supply and Sewerage Utility (UKT) SH.A. The scope of the project involves the technic survey and assessment of the current sewage and drinking water network and the technological status of the treatment plants as well as the formulation of development proposals in order to improve the technical quality of the service.


The joint operation named Budapest Waterworks – ARTHA Envirotama JO led by our company won the public procurement tender ‘IKK Water Supply Program and Small Water Treatment Plant for Water Scarcity Area’ announced by the Indonesian Ministry of Public Utilities and Housing.
In the framework of the project, water treatment units shall be built in altogether 34 locations of three islands of Indonesia (Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi) in the value of USD 36.4 million.

SrI Lanka

Our company concluded an agreement with the National Water Supply and Drainage Board of Sri Lanka on the reconstruction works of two water treatment plants, Labugama and Kalatuwawa, financed by the Tied Aid Loan Programme. In the case of Kalatuwawa, the assignment covers the complete reconstruction and capacity enlargement of the plant from a daily capacity of 71,000 m3 to 90,000 m3. The daily capacity of the Labugama plant will be increased from 40,000 m3 to 60,000 m3.


Relying on the expertise of the professionals of Budapest Waterworks, the AZERSU Public Limited Company implemented and introduced the electronic workforce management system. After having fulfilled the assignment successfully, the two companies concluded an agreement for designing two water reservoirs and the supervision of the construction works of the project. The theoretical value of the project is EUR 39 million. In the meantime, the two companies also signed a contract for the implementation and quality assurance of an IT development project as well as for the establishment of the 10-year-long IT strategy of the Azerbaijani state waterworks with the involvement of the Hungarian Water Cluster. The total value of these contracts exceed EUR 2 million.


Within the frameworks of the cooperation agreement concluded with Nizhegorodsky Vodokanal (Nizhny Novgorod) in the spring of 2006, the complete technical, financial, and business activities of the public utility was audited. We summarized our remarks and suggestions in an action catalogue, specifying their priorities and impacts on the company’s life and success, and the prerequisites and time span of feasibility. Furthermore, we listed the areas where we see opportunities for further cooperation.

China (Fengxian Waterworks, Shanghai)

Budapest Waterworks concluded an agreement with Shanghai Waterworks Fengxian Water Company on 27 October 2012 to carry out an efficiency improving audit (water production, network operation, customer service activities and water quality), which activity was performed at high quality at the satisfaction of the Chinese partner.

IAWD – World Bank

In 2014, together with local and international partners, we won the tender for consulting services, capacity building and targeted interventions to achieve commercial efficiency and business planning in water announced by IAWD (financed by World Bank). The tender’s budget was EUR 200,000.

Our partners overseas

  • ALBANIA - Tirana Water Utility Company (Ukt)
  • AUSTRIA - Aqua Engineering
  • CUBA - National Water Resources Institute
  • ECUADOR - Epmaps - Agua De Quito
  • Grundfos - South East Europe Ltd.
  • INDIA - Tecton Engineering And Construction
  • INDONESIA, Jakarta - Regional Drinking Water Supply Company
  • INDONESIA, Jakarta - Regional Waste Water Management Company
  • INDONESIA, Jakarta - The Pt Jakarta Utilitas Propertindo (Jakpro)
  • ISRAEL - Booky Oren Global Water Technologies
  • ISRAEL - Tel Aviv  Mekorot Water Company Group Ltd
  • JORDAN - Taff Contracting Establishment Company
  • LAOSZ - Vientiane Water Authority, Department Of Public Works And Transportation (Dpwt) Of Vientiane Capital
  • MEXICO - Tabasco - Dasur S.A. De C.V., And Aneas
  • SERBIA - Belgrade Waterworks And Sewerage
  • SERBIA - Subotica Waterworks
  • SRI LANKA - National Water Supply And Drainage Board
  • TURKEY - Ankara Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency Of Turkey (AFAD)
  • TURKEY - Ankara Water And Sewerage Administration
  • TURKEY - Istanbul Water And Sewerage Administration
  • VIETNAM - Hanoi - Hawaco

R&D partners

  • Zoltán Bay Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research
  • Biopolus Institute Nonprofit Private Company Limited by Shares
  • Pureco Ltd.

Scientific partners

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • József Eötvös College of Baja
  • Óbuda University
  • University of Miskolc
  • University of Pécs