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EasyReader meter reading stick

Safe water meter reading without climbing down to the shaft? Easier and simpler customer complaints management thanks to a stick?

Now all this is possible with this technological novelty, the new EasyReader meter reading stick.

  • Thanks to its special telescopic handle, meters can be easily read without climbing down to shafts in bad condition.
  • Contrary to common „home-made” tools, the adjustable LED lighting and the endoscopic camera at the end of the stick make the reading of the water meter’s consumption data more comfortable even from the edge of the shaft.
  • The consumption data read with this EasyReader stick are transmitted to a data recording device that sends them quickly and simply to the corporate information system for further processing.
  • EasyReader meter reading stick is available with a docking station compatible with any data recording device.

Smart meter reading tool – not only to public water utilities

  • The meter reading stick is also able to examine places hardly accessible, such as tank quality control of a vacuum truck.
  • It is also able to read consumption data of gas units that are hardly accessible.

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