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Electrical and engineering services

Our company also has a team of highly qualified experts equipped with advanced technology for fulfilment of third party orders for electric and engineering works.
Our unit provides reliable services with extensive experiences of several decades in the following areas:

Cable fault detection

With our own lab-car equipped with SEBA Kmt measurement equipment, we perform special measurements to detect the fault location of low and medium voltage earth cables up to 35 kV.

Within that we perform:

  • measurement of power transmission cables (0.4–35 kV)
  • measurement of signalling and operating cables
  • accurate detection of fault locations
  • detection of track location
  • cable tests (0.1 Hz)
  • repair of the following power transmission and signalling cables:
    • 10–35 kV cables (q=90–240 mm2)
    • 0.4 kV cables (q=16–400 mm2)
    • signalling cables (q=1.5–4 mm2)

In the case of a frame agreement, we provide permanent availability to our customers. We provide 24-hour duty service and go to the site without delay in cases of emergency, where urgent fault repair is needed.

Heavy current installations

Heavy current installations, connection and installation of switchboards, heavy current equipment and engines.
Installation, repair and maintenance of the following electric equipment:

  • 10–20 kV switching equipment
  • 0.4 kV switching equipment
  • power transmission and signalling cables
  • oil-filled and dry transformers
  • general area lighting
  • building electricity
  • lightning protection equipment

Survey and measurement of electric networks

  • electric shock protection check
  • lightning protection check
  • heavy current equipment check

Control technology works

Measuring, installation, repair, and maintenance of Scada systems, electric remote transmitters, and light current earth cables

  • PLC data collection and control
  • level switches
  • water level remote transmitters
  • electric capacity remote transmitters
  • water volume remote transmitters
  • pressure remote transmitters
  • earth cables up to 25x4x0.8 Qv
  • optical cables

Engineering works

We perform work in engine houses and at pump stations with our full machine pool and the contribution of qualified welders and skilled workers.

Repair and maintenance of pumps, electric engines

  • repair, setting and replacement of inductors
  • repair of shafts and sleeves
  • replacement of bearings
  • conversion of cord seal and pumps to slip-ring
  • repairing cavitation surfaces of pumps
  • repair of couplings
  • replacement of bearings
  • mechanical repairs

Repair, renewal, and maintenance of locking fittings

  • gate valve
    d: 50–600 mm
    p: 6–25 bar
  • butterfly valve
    d: 200–1800 mm
    p: 6-25 bar
  • check valve
    d: 50–800 mm
    p: 6–25 bar
  • locks, drives
    d: 50–1800 mm

Replacement of pump house pipes

  • replacement of corroded pipes
  • replacement of pipes in case of changed hydraulic parameters

Manufacture of special equipment, parts

  • replacement of damaged or broken parts with specially manufactured spare parts in the case of fault repair and maintenance

Request for Quotation

Should you need further information or request a special price quotation of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of the following:

Phone: +36 1 465 2582
Fax: +36 1 435 3903

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