Gold standard for utility performance

Our products

Combinable on-demand system

Our system consists of modular mobile water purification technology elements of vertical structure.
Due to their modularity, we are able to set up water purification and water packaging product systems of various capacity and capability to meet the special demands of users and customers.

Capacity of our equipment

The equipment we manufacture offer a wide scale of options in terms of performance and filtering capability.
Although these systems are mobile, they are suitable for supplying a settlement of a population of 50 thousand with potable water. Their filtering range is between 10 and 0.0001 μm (from pollens to viruses, micro-organisms, and salts), their capacity range is between 500 l/h and 9,000 l/h which can be extended to an unlimited capacity by the simultaneous application of more than one equipment.


In order to ensure mobility and transportability, our equipment are built on EUR pallet or 10 or 20 feet standard containers depending on the capacity and nature of the equipment.

These solutions provide not only mobility and ensure easy and fast deployment (they are ready for operation within 2 hours after deployment), but they are also capable of fully meeting the specific, customised requirements of our customers, including among others heated and cooled structures, heat and sound isolation, etc. For our water packaging equipment, pneumatic systems may be replaced by electricity, operating even using a 220 V network.